Best gaming supplements 2021

Supplements are becoming more and more popular among gamers due to professional gaming becoming an enormous industry. Professional gamers, also known as E-sporters, often use these supplements to boost their energy levels, become more alert, and be more focused. The best gaming supplements often contain caffeine, omega-3, L-Theanine, and Taurine because of their beneficial effects. 

Gaming supplements, also known as Nootropics, have a wide range of potential benefits. Not only will it up your game physically but also mentally. If you are struggling to find focus, react quickly and make decisions fast, these supplements will definitely improve your gaming skills. We will break down the possible benefits that occur after taking these supplements.

These Nootropics are made of natural ingredients and are often well tested. Of course, do not exceed the dose that is suggested. If you’re using any medications, you should talk to a doctor to see if you can use these supplements.

Pros Of Using Gaming Supplements

Boosting your brain
Caffeine is a very important stimulant for gamers. It will boost your cognitive memory, which will help you to make quick decisions. Of course, you can also get a few cups of coffee or tea, but caffeine is the most used ingredient in gaming supplements. – Important note: Do not exceed the recommended dose, too much caffeine will increase your nerves which can be uncomfortable in sweaty situations. – Normally a dosage of approximately 100mg will be enough to get the benefit you want.

If you want to improve your hand-eye coordination, omega-3 is definitely something you should take. Omega-3 will restore and protect your brain cells which indirectly makes it easier for your brain to button combinations. This supplement is in our opinion the most underrated one. Not actually “feeling the difference” is where most people make a mistake. Sometimes, supplements do need some time to actually see the beneficial effect. The effect will come slower but will stay longer. To get the best results, you should take Omega-3 every day.

Better in stressful situations
Are you suffering from sweaty palms in stressful situations? L-Theanine will help you stay calm in these situations. It will help to reduce your appetite and stay focused in competitive circumstances due to its high antioxidant levels. L-Theanine will overall boost your physical endurance, which makes it very useful for competitive gamers.

As mentioned before, Taurine is also a very useful Nootropic. When you feel shaky and stressed while taking on an opponent, Taurine is the supplement you are looking for. It will help you control your central nervous system and triggers your mind to act more certain and quickly.

Cons Of Using Gaming Supplements

Supplements are often very expensive and therefore unattractive. Our advice is to choose wisely which supplement you would like to take. Sometimes cheaper supplements are less powerful and contain useless supplements for gamers. On the other hand, overdosing on caffeine can have the opposite effect and make you feel more tired and sleep worse. So be careful with powerful gaming supplements. Also getting addicted to supplements is something you should be aware of.

Top 3 Gamer Supplements

  • #1. GHOST
    GHOST is the best all-in-one supplement there currently is and contains all of the ingredients above (sometimes under different ingredient names), except the Omega-3 which you should take as an individual supplement. This Nootropic is used by both E-sporters and streamers due to its great taste and helpful ingredients. The recommended dose should do it for most gamers.GHOST SUPPLEMENT
  • #2. GFUEL
    GFUEL is also an all-in-one supplement that contains most of the ingredients above. This supplement is also used by a lot of E-sporters and streamers. Taking 1 scoop should be enough to improve your gaming experiences immediately.

GFUEL Best Gaming Supplement

  • #3. Fish Oil Products (Omega-3)
    The most underrated supplement must be the Omega-3 supplement. The thing about this product is that the benefits are hard to see. It will definitely take some time to feel a difference. But a daily dose of Omega-3 will stimulate quicker hand-eye coordination.

Omega 3 Gaming Supplement

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